February 20, 2023

February 2023 Newsletter

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Here are your Articles for February 17, 2023.

IRS Requires All Taxpayers to Answer Digital Assets Question on Tax Return

IRS: Updates to question on digital assets; taxpayers should continue to report all digital asset income

Three DK Partners honored as Women of Influence in Accounting & Finance Top 50!

DK Partners – Livia Benjamin, Daisy Hom, and Suzie Korth honored by the San Diego Business Journal as Women of Influence in Accounting & Finance.

A Holistic Approach To Serving Business Owners and High-Net-Worth Families

Read about our Partner Livia Benjamin’s holistic approach to serving clients in the latest issue of Private Wealth Magazine.

New Tax Law Improves QCD Benefits

Some charitably inclined seniors will be happy to hear that the tax rules for qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) have just become more favorable under the new SECURE 2.0 law. If you have an IRA, here are two major improvements you might be able to use, along with an overview of how QCDs can have favorable tax implications.

Tax Planning Can Reduce Adoption Costs

Are you considering adopting a child? Parenthood can be a rewarding — but expensive — endeavor. Fortunately, the tax code provides two primary breaks for people who incur expenses related to a foreign or domestic adoption. Here’s what you should know to take advantage of these tax-saving opportunities.

Take a Multipronged Approach to Fraud Prevention

The cost of doing business. Every business owner has encountered this term, which is often accompanied by a shrug and a sigh. Losing money to thieves and fraudsters shouldn’t be a regular cost of doing business. This article clarifies that commercial property insurance isn’t an optimal safeguard and lays out a number of effective measures against both internal and external malfeasance.

Bring Home a Tax Credit for Adoption

Uncle Sam can be generous when it comes to adopting children. Here are the details of the tax breaks that are currently available to adoptive parents, as well as income limits and documentation requirements imposed.

Do You Have Will Power?

If you die without a will, the state will decide what becomes of your property — without regard to your priorities. And a large percentage of Americans do not have a will. This article explains the basics about executors, guardians, gifts, funeral wishes and more.

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