August 22, 2023

August 2023 Newsletter

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Here are your Articles for August 24, 2023.

Duffy Kruspodin earns 2023 Great Place to Work Certification

Once again, Duffy Kruspodin earns 2023 Great Place to Work Certification™

The Ultra-Wealthy are getting second opinions

Did you know that the Ultra-Wealthy are getting second opinions? Joshua Bodenstadt CPA, our Partner in Charge, San Diego knows.

Scrutinize Commercial Property Tax Bills

Tax assessors can make mistakes that increase your property tax bill. Here’s a rundown of some of the more common errors found on commercial property bills, along with ways to get your tax bill lowered if a mistake is found.

Federal Tax Obligations When a Business Shuts Down

Today’s uncertain market conditions are taking a toll on some businesses — and unfortunately, some of them decide to discontinue operations. However, closing shop involves more than just turning off the lights and locking the doors. There are various income and payroll tax obligations to handle, depending on how your business is structured.

Potential Pitfalls of Taxable Investments in Gold and Other Precious Metals

The idea of investing in gold and other precious metals has gotten attention in today’s uncertain investment markets. Some see these assets as a way to hedge against inflation and stock market uncertainty. Before you make the plunge into physically owned precious metal assets or precious metal ETFs, however, you should review the tax rules and storage concerns.

SSA’s Compassionate Allowance Program Offers Relief to the Seriously Ill

Social Security is a valued public benefit, but let’s face it: Receiving the money can take a while. The wait can be excruciating and even life-threatening for those with a terminal or serious illness. For this reason, the Social Security Administration set up its Compassionate Allowances program to offer expedited claims processing. This article provides the details.

Spouses Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

If you file a joint tax return, you need to be aware of your individual liability. Here’s a rundown of how the law works and the “innocent spouse” relief that may be available if your spouse cheated on a tax return and the IRS is coming after you. We’ll also explain the difference between an “innocent spouse” and an “injured spouse” and how it can affect tax refunds.

Getting Your Estate in Order

Don’t let the changing estate tax environment prevent you from getting your estate in order. While most people will need the help of professionals to develop a formal estate plan, you can aid the process by organizing information and making basic decisions. Consider these steps.

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