May 17, 2024

April 2024 Newsletter

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Here are your Articles for April 23, 2024.

DK Launches Blog “Beyond the Ledger”

Celebrating Women’s History Month at DK: Paving the Way for Financial Equality

2 Important Breaks for Mature Taxpayers to Consider

With age comes wisdom and potentially some valuable federal income tax breaks that aren’t available to younger taxpayers. Specifically, people over age 50 might consider making deductible catch-up contributions to their retirement accounts. And they might itemize deductions, rather than claim the standard deduction, if their medical bills are over the income-based threshold. Here are the details.

How New Retirement Plan Emergency Savings Accounts Work

Emergencies happen to all of us, and many people are unprepared. Starting in 2024, employers can offer certain employees the option of establishing an emergency savings account, linked to their company retirement account. Participants can make after-tax contributions from their salary and take monthly withdrawals as needed. Here are the details.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Many car shoppers wonder whether it’s smarter to buy or lease. This article discusses the main variables that factor into this important financial decision, including monthly payments, repairs and maintenance expenses, down payments, additional costs and tax implications.

Notify the IRS if You Change Your Address

It’s important to tell the IRS if you change your address. It will help the agency notify you if there is a problem with a tax return you filed — or if you are due a refund. In fact, the burden is on taxpayers to tell the IRS they have moved — it is not on the IRS to find them. One individual discovered this in a court case. This article explains the rules and the facts of the case.

Avoid These 6 Estate Planning Pitfalls

There are several components to an estate plan. Because of this, there are many areas for missteps. Being aware of the major pitfalls before you begin drafting your estate plan, the better the chance it will achieve your goals. Here are six estate planning pitfalls

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