Discovering that you’ve been selected for an IRS tax audit can be an immensely stressful situation. Even if you believe you’ve done nothing wrong, having proper IRS audit representation is essential to navigate the intricate process and defend your position.

For over 25 years, Duffy Kruspodin, LLP has been a trusted provider of IRS audit representation services in Los Angeles. Our team of qualified and experienced tax professionals is dedicated to assisting clients in clearing their names and resolving personal or business tax audits. We take care of document preparation and handle correspondence with the IRS, alleviating your concerns during this challenging process.

Knowing When to Seek Professional Representation

While some audit letters may simply request additional information or documents, and the issue can be resolved by providing the necessary materials, there are instances where bringing in outside help becomes crucial. If you’re unable to locate the requested information or if an in-person meeting with an IRS agent is required, seeking assistance from a qualified tax professional or accountant is a wise decision. Granting power of attorney to your representative allows them to collaborate with you to address the audit issue.

Importantly, engaging a professional firm or Los Angeles CPA firm to represent you is not an admission of guilt. On the contrary, it demonstrates to the IRS your understanding of the audit’s seriousness and your commitment to resolving any disparities in a swift and professional manner. Many IRS agents prefer working with a representative as they can present the necessary information clearly and concisely.

Advantages of Professional IRS Audit Representation

Choosing Duffy Kruspodin, LLP as your IRS audit representative offers significant advantages, influencing the outcome of your audit. Here are three key reasons:

  1. In-Depth Knowledge of Tax Codes and Laws: IRS revenue agents are well-versed in tax procedures, making audits intimidating. With extensive experience in various tax-related services in Los Angeles, Duffy Kruspodin, LLP brings a profound understanding of local, state, federal, and international tax reporting and compliance regulations. This expertise levels the playing field, putting the advantage on your side.
  2. Avoiding Direct Questioning by the IRS: By handling all communication and meetings with the IRS agent on your behalf, we minimize your interaction with the agency, helping you avoid potential pitfalls during cross-examination. False or exaggerated statements to the IRS can lead to serious consequences, and our representation safeguards you from such risks.
  3. Negotiating or Appealing Assessments: Once the audit concludes, the IRS agent assesses the amount of taxes and penalties owed. This evaluation is subject to appeal, and Duffy Kruspodin, LLP can assist in negotiating a payment amount or plan, often resolving the case without going to court. This not only saves you money but also mitigates potential headaches.

If you’ve received an IRS audit letter, there’s no need to fear. Amid the array of CPA firms for IRS audit representation in Los Angeles, Duffy Kruspodin, LLP stands out. For inquiries about your current financial situation or more information on our services, contact our Los Angeles office at 818-385-0585.